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Closey’s Home Improvement Place has 3 basic grades of Hardwood decking timber. They all meet Australian Standards AS2796.
They are all fire rate BAL19, with the exception of Spotted Gum and Red Ironbark which are rated BAL29.
It is Kiln Dried to EMC 15-18%. They are all termite resistant and Class 1 durability.
It will last 20+ years outside if it is cared for properly. Oiling of all 4 sides is recommended for all decking for maximum life span.
Please read the below for an understanding of what you will get with each grade.

Feature Grade-
This is the lowest of the grades. It will contain Natural features such as knots, gum veins, surface checking.
In some cases, possible past borer activity is found.
You can get many pieces in the packs at 900mm which will span 3 joists given they are at 450mm centres.
You can expect 20-50% pack of short pieces. The rest of the pack can vary from 1.4 - 4.5m but will be on the shorter side.
This is the same timber you will find at auction places. It will be Spotted Gum or Mixed Hardwood.
Our prices start at $2.35 for 86x19mm & $4.40 for 135x19mm.

Natural Feature Grade-
Same as above but you can expect longer pieces in the packs. You can expaect 10-20% at 900-1500mm.
The rest of the pack will vary 2.0 - 5.7m and will be on the longer side.
Prices for these start at $2.75 for 86x19mm & $5.00 for 135x19mm.
This product is also called Utilty grade by some suppliers.

S&B Grade
Otherwise known as Standard and Better. This has very few features and contains mostly longer lengths.
You can find up to 10% shorter than 1.5m. The rest of the pack will be 2.0- 5.7m.
Prices start at $5.45 for 86x19mm & $9.50 for 130x19mm.

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